Welcome to the Challenge Toolkit / What will you make happen?

Once in a while you need to find new inspiration, take a fresh perspective and shake things up a little to make something great happen. So if you want to energise, inform and empower your people to take on a real-life challenge and bring about positive change then welcome…you’re in the right place.


It’s a bold statement… How do we know you can do that?

We know because we’ve worked with business leaders and teams to help them do just that. Using our unique Challenge Toolkit approach they have taken on a challenge and MADE SOMETHING POSITIVE HAPPEN!

As leaders we face challenges everyday. Here are a few of the challenges we’ve helped leaders deal with:

  • We need to build a more scaleable business
  • We need  prepare our people for change
  • We need to break down silo’s
  • We need to improve internal systems and processes
  • We need to strengthen relationships with our customers
  • We need to create a shared vision
  • We need to build stronger teams
  • We need to develop mangers and leaders

Whatever the challenge you face, we have a toolkit that will help you and your people work it through and bring about the positive change needed.

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Challenge Learning Model

Using our unique Challenge Learning Approach you will:

EXPLORE and identify the critical issues relating to your challenge. Use powerful creative thinking skills to plan your challenge journey with a clear focus on making it happen.

Develop a challenge MINDSET across the team to building a winning challenge solution. Learn the skills to engage, influence and persuade others to buy-in and support your challenge implementation.

Maximise IMPACT by developing team resilience to navigate through barriers and difficult situations. Assess and build your mental toughness to effectively see your challenge plan through.

Maintain MOMENTUM as you reflect on your challenge journey and impact. Learn how to model your learnt challenge thinking, skills and behaviours to successfully tackle new challenges.

30 Day Challenge Programme / Workshops

Defining Your Challenge

  • What is the 'real' challenge, it's impact and 'why' overcoming this matters

  • 30 days from now?

  • Challenging intention versus motivation

  • Challenge objectives and outcomes

Exploring The Challenge

  • Critical Thinking and challenge mapping

  • Getting to the 'Root Cause'

  • Challenge Gap Analysis

  • Exploring and identifying Your Personal Challenge Development Plan

The Challenge Challenges!

  • Using the Challenge Impact Review Tool

  • Assessing and understanding your challenge barriers and obstacles

Challenge Model of Excellence Toolkit

  • Reflecting on your challenge journey: vision, learning, skills, behaviours and effectiveness

  • Creating your Challenge Model of Excellence Toolkit

  • Assessing new and future applications for your toolkit

Challenge Inspiration

  • Creative ways to share your good practice toolkit and inspire others to take on challenges

Challenge Toolkits / Get inspired with these toolkit examples

Meet the Challenge Team

Anita Wild

Challenge Leader

Julie Housby

Challenge Leader

Mark Lewthwaite

Challenge Coach

Mike Smith

Challenge Coach

Malcolm Carr

Challenge Coach

Andi Lewis

Challenge Coach

Priscilla Coates

Challenge Coach

What you need to know about us

Challenge Programme / Delivery Options

30 Day Challenge Workshop

Day 1 Challenge Explorer Workshop
Day 10 Challenge Mindset Workshop
Day 20 Challenge Resilience Workshop
Day 30 Challenge Momentum Workshop
One-to-One Challenge Coaching is included

4 Day Experiential Challenge

Delivered off-site at venues across the UK and Europe
4 Challenge Workshops over 4 consecutive days
Blended with experiential learning activities to build leadership and team working
Team and one-to-one Challenge Coaching

Challenge Event Speaking & Activities

Like a challenge speaker at your next event?
Want to run a thought-provoking, interactive challenge activity?
Contact us for more details about our inspiring event speaking topics and activities

Challenge Case Study / Lancashire Probation Trust

Challenge FAQS / find your answers

We never assume a one-size fits all approach. Firstly we sit down with you understand your challenge and then develop a toolkit based around the needs of your people. During the programme your team will develop this toolkit further to use as a blueprint for other and future challenges.
Based on our delivery experience, we recommend group sizes of between 6 - 12 people. The group can be a team who know each other well, or people brought together from across the organisation.  It works either way.
The programme is delivered as four 1-day workshops. Each workshop includes a blend of  challenge learning, positive action working on the challenge and team / one-to-one coaching. We offer a range of flexible delivery options including:
  • On site training
  • Off site training (recommended)
We also run an experiential delivery model which is held at suitable venues across the UK and Europe. In this case the programme is run over 4 consecutive days.
If you'd like to have a chat with one of our Challenge Coaches, then simply complete the contact form below. Anita or Julie will then arrange an initial call or visit to answer your questions and talk through if and how the programme can support you. There's no pressure or obligation. We are happy to help and advise either way.

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